Visual Output Sensor Calibration

For Vibration Meters and Sensors | 680 Option

Visual Output Sensor (VOS) Calibration Software Model 9155D-680 adds support to the Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155 software for calibration of vibration meters or any vibration sensor that has visual output.  This is a software only option that requires and existing Model 9155 System from The Modal Shop with vibration calibration enabled – including acceleration and/ or velocity.

Visual Output Sensor Calibration Software support includes the data management, test execution, application of pass/fail criteria, and report generation capability that make the vibration meter workflow familiar to Model 9155 operators. 

  • Calibrates calibration meters (aka VOS – Visual Output Sensors) at reference frequency (typically 100 or 159 Hz)
  • Tests frequency response of the meter
  • Automatically generates reports that are easily customized
  • Allows data to be saved to and recalled from the 9155 database