Impact Hammer Calibration

Gravimetric Comparison Calibration | 961 Option

The Impact Hammer Calibration System allows users to quickly and easily calibrate their instrumented impact hammers and account for tip inertia or extender mass. The system is available as Option 9155D-961 for use with a Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155D. It is also available as a standalone solution Model 9961C.



  • Quickly and accurately determines the sensitivity of impact hammers with various tip configurations
  • Conforms to industry-approved standards and handbooks
  • Includes verification hammer for control and regular system validation
  • Provides customizable, ISO 17025 compliant calibration certificates

Impact hammer calibrations are performed by impacting a pendulous mass instrumented with a calibration accelerometer. Using Newton’s second law (F = ma), the measured acceleration is multiplied by the known mass to calculate the impact force. The software supports calibration of instrumented hammers with up to eight different tips, both with and without an extender mass. This economical option uses the existing high-quality data acquisition system in the base Model 9155D Precision Sensor Calibration Workstation to quickly and easily perform hammer calibrations and report the results on an easy-to-read, Microsoft Excel® based calibration certificate. Printed certificates fulfill the format requirements set forth by ISO 17025 for calibration certificates.

9155D-961 Option
Impact Range - lbf (kN)0 - 1 000 (0 - 4.45)
Measurement Uncertainty at Reference Frequency2.5%
Measurement TechniqueGravimetric Comparison
Measurements SupportedSensitivity
Actuator Model9961C