Piezoresistive Accelerometer Calibration

Calibrating PR Accelerometers with Mobile Vibration Calibrator

Create NIST-traceable calibration reports for piezoresistive (PR) accelerometers with economical – and portable – vibration calibrators from The Modal Shop, Models 9110D, C9110D, and C9110D-T. These mobile vibration calibrators, when combined with the Piezoresistive Accelerometer Calibration Kit Model 9100-PR, deliver a highly accurate turn-key solution that includes pass/fail notification after each test point.

Piezoresitive Accelerometer Calibration with Mobile Vibration Calibrator

Common in automotive crash test applications, PR accelerometers present a unique calibration challenge due to their low sensitivity output. Even with 10 g of vibration amplitude applied – which is quite a noticeable level – the output of many PR accelerometers is on the order of 2.0 mV or lower. To ensure accurate calibration, Piezoresistive Accelerometer Calibration Kit Model 9100-PR powers and gains the signal from the sensor under test (SUT), while firmware within the portable vibration calibrator mathematically eliminates the impact of gain from the final calibration result.

The comprehensive Piezoresistive Accelerometer Calibration Kit Model 9100-PR from The Modal Shop includes the following components:

  • Endevco (a division of PCB Piezotronics) Model 4418 PR Accelerometer Signal Conditioner with 10 VDC excitation and 1x, 10x, and 100x gain
  • Mounting accessories, including screws and adhesive
  • Cabling to accommodate flying leads (pigtail leads) or custom connectors

All of The Modal Shop’s Series 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrators feature 5 Hz to 10 kHz frequency response, semi-automated stepped sine test routine programmability, and pass/fail notification after each test point with customizable tolerance bands. The Modal Shop’s mobile calibrators are also available for rent, an ideal solution for end users with a small fleet of PR accelerometers and annual calibration requirements.

The Series 9110D Portable Vibration Calibrators also have the flexibility to handle alternate PR accelerometer signal conditioners. For example, some PR accelerometers require 5 VDC excitation during calibration. Our calibrators are compatible with various PR signal conditioners, ensuring versatility. To discuss your specific test requirements, we encourage you to contact our technical team for personalized assistance.