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9155 Calibration System
9155 Calibration System
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Endevco CAACS Maintenance and Upgrades

Total Customer Satisfaction in Calibration System Support

Endevco CAACS Calibration System

The Modal Shop, a wholly owned subsidiary of PCB Piezotronics, specializes in the design, manufacture, and support of precision sensor calibration systems. With installations around the globe, we are dedicated to the metrology community and committed to delivering quality, performance, and reliability in calibration.

With PCB’s acquisition of Endevco, The Modal Shop is now your resource for both Commercial Automated Accelerometer Calibration System (CAACS) legacy system support as well as system upgrades. While the Dynamic Sensor Calibration System Model 9155 serves as a replacement for the CAACS product platform, there are several options that will allow CAACS customers to experience a continuous bridge in operations from CAACS to TMS 9155 over an extended period of time. The Modal Shop is committed to delivering Total Customer Satisfaction through five different solutions we offer for existing CAACS installations:

1. Accredited Calibration Services

The Modal Shop provides A2LA accredited recalibration services for the Endevco 2270M8 transfer standard accelerometer. The 2270M8, in turn, is used to recalibrate the CAACS.

2. Replacement OF CAACS Parts

When Endevco joined the PCB Team, The Modal Shop acquired an inventory of CAACS components. We maintain this limited inventory and provide these to existing CAACS customers. As many of these components were effectively obsolete when Endevco joined the team, they can be critical to extending the life of a CAACS.

3. Part Replacement with Equivalent TMS Components

The Modal Shop has a global team of calibration system engineers and technicians who can help troubleshoot CAACS issues. This team performs roughly 100 on-site support and training events every year for The Modal Shop’s Model 9155 Calibration Systems. Our team can isolate CAACS support issues to a level where components from The Modal Shop can be used as drop in replacements when CAACS components are not available. For example, minor modifications of K394B30 and K394B31 Air Bearing Shakers and PneuShock actuators from The Modal Shop have been designed for use in the CAACS.

4. The Modal Shop’s Core Model 9155 Controller

In some situations, the digital / software interface to a defective CAACS component may require the replacement of the core CAACS control and data management system. The Modal Shop’s engineers have designed modifications to the Model 9155 Calibration System that allow the use of Endevco 2911 and POP actuators. Model 9155 software is an actively developed and maintained software application solution that is stable, mature, and has a constantly growing user base.

5. Turnkey Model 9155 Accelerometer Calibration Workstation

In some cases, customers may decide to make the transition from their CAACS system in one step, in which case The Modal Shop’s Model 9155 Calibration Systems are available with on-site installation and training with our team of calibration experts.

9155 Calibration System
9155 Software Hub and Spoke Diagram

Why Upgrade to a 9155 System from The Modal Shop?

  • 24/7 Service and Support
    Our team of calibration experts is committed to Total Customer Satisfaction, with a diverse staff of engineers and technicians always available to provide assistance
  • Accelerometer Calibration, Simplified
    Calibrate ICP® / Isotron® / IEPE, charge, piezoresistive (PR), capacitive (VC) and voltage mode accelerometers
  • Future-proof Your Calibrations
    9155 Software is an actively developed and maintained application solution
  • Vibration Calibration Options
    9155 System integrates with air bearing shaker, high frequency, low frequency, and shock tower exciter options
  • Ongoing Innovation
    New products, expansion of system capabilities, and thoughtful maintenance of current products
  • Most Up-to-Date Software
    Installed with Windows® 10 operating system
  • Local Language
    9155 Software user interface capabilities allow for calibration in any language
  • Future-proof Your Calibrations
    9155 Software is an actively developed and maintained application solution
  • Expanded Capabilities in Your Lab
    9155 Systems allow expansion of calibration capabilities to include visual output sensors, velocity sensors, dynamic pressure sensors, microphones, and impact hammers

The Modal Shop’s Calibration Team is committed to delivering Total Customer Satisfaction to CAACS customers. To discuss your CAACS, call +1 513-351-9919 or email