NDT-RAM Troubleshooting Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s frustrating when a system is not running as expected. Often, getting things back on track is as easy as a few simple steps. Check out solutions to the most common issues, including system triggering problems and unexpected signals, below.

For in-depth troubleshooting assistance, our NDT-RAM Team is always just a phone call or email away. Contact us, and we will help to get you running again ASAP!

Q: Why does my system not trigger when the hammer impacts the part?

  • Most Common Solution: Check the trigger level setting in NDT-RAM software. It is possible that you simply need to lower the trigger level in order to get a consistent trigger.
  • Check that the cabling from the hammer to the analyzer is connected and shows no visible signs of damage.
  • Make sure that the internal hammer cable is not damaged:
    • Manually impact the hammer tip with a part to see if you get a trigger.
    • Open the hammer and physically wiggle the cable at different points. If the system triggers at random while doing so, the cable needs to be replaced.

Q: My system triggers just fine, but I get a weird signal on the screen with no peaks. What is happening?

  • Power the system off and back on again and see if the issue resolves.
    • Electrical noise can sometimes cause interference in the analyzer signal. A restart will fix the issue.
  • Check that the microphone is not damaged.
    • Test known parts to evaluate the signal – does it look like what you would expect to see?
    • The microphone may need to be replaced.