NDT-RAM Preventive Maintenance Checklist

Maintain Your Quality Inspection Systems

Performing regularly scheduled preventive maintenance on your NDT-RAM systems is a great way to ensure quality output from your facility. Our team has created a checklist of things to review, clean, or replace on your NDT-RAM system. From hammer tips and cable replacements to periodic calibration, preventive maintenance will help keep your system running smoothly for decades to come.

Replace the Hammer Cable and Hammer Tip

NDT-AUTO System Recommendations

  • Conveyor Belt
    • Check the condition and alignment of the conveyor belt
    • The incoming roller of the conveyor has adjustment screws for setting alignment
    • Check the belt for damage or excessive wear – replace as needed
  • Encoder
    • Make sure that the encoder and encoder guarding are operational and free of damage. The encoder is mounted to the end roller opposite the motor in a black enclosure.

NDT-DTF System Recommendations

  • Load Cell Impact Tip
    • Replace the impact tip on the load cell. It’s a good idea to do this every 6 months to 1-year (dependent on throughput volume and part size).
  • Part Slide and Internal Cabinet
    • Check part slide and internal cabinet pieces for excessive wear and replace as needed
  • Part Sorting Drum
    • Remove the part sorting drum and clean behind it
      • The part sorting drum can be removed by inserting a long hex wrench into the hole in the front center and loosening the set screw
      • Pull the drum off
      • Clean the drum and the surface behind the drum
  • Sorting Bins
    • Check pass and fail bins for damage or excessive wear and replace as needed

Don’t Forget About Calibration!

  • The Modal Shop offers calibration services for NDT-RAM systems
    • Onsite in Your Facility – contact us for a quote for services performed locally on your System
    • DIY Calibration – We also sell or rent calibration kits so that you can calibrate systems yourself. Contact us to learn more.

To troubleshoot common system issues, see NDT-RAM Troubleshooting Tips.