Non-Destructive Test Resonant Inspection Station

For Repeatable Manual Testing | RAM-TEST-FIXTURE

The NDT Test Station, Model RAM-TEST-FIXTURE Resonant Inspection System is an ideal choice for testing when repeatable manual inspections are required. The innovative Test Station allows precise control of part positioning with an adjustable table ranging up to 6.25 inches (158.75 mm) in height. Photo eye sensors trigger the integrated industrial impactor when a part is in position.



  • Tests many different parts on a single system
  • No part preparation or elaborate fixturing required
  • Easy-to-learn application software
  • Simple pass/fail result - no human interpretation required
  • Generates production report, with statistical analysis


  • Production - End-of-Line Inspection + Process Monitoring
  • Field Service - Troubleshooting
  • Quality Control - Spot Checking
  • Engineering - New Product Development

Once impacted, a simple pass/fail result is returned by the NDT‑RAM system. The system includes a laptop PC, running NDT‑RAM software which acquires data for analysis from each part, requiring no human interpretation. The included light tower provides a clear, visual indication of a part’s test status, allowing easy sorting.

This easy-to-use NDT system quickly becomes a critical quality assurance tool in your inspection process. NDT-TEST-FIXTURE detects imperfections or flaws such as variations in overall geometry, cracks, and missing features. It can also detect if processes have been missed, such as machining or heat treating operations.


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Part Testing RateManual, 5 to 10 seconds per part, typical
Part Types TestedMetal, ceramic, high-stiffness composition
Criteria RangesUp to 20 per part setup
Overall Dimensions24 x 30 x 40 feet, typical (51 x 76 x 102 cm)
Overall Weight90 lb (40.8 kg)


Reference DocumentationNDT-RAM Criteria Setup Guide
NDT-RAM Software Manual
RAM-TEST-FIXTURE Hardware Manual
Hardware ComponentsSmart Digital Controller
Industrial Electric Impact Hammer and Cables
Acoustic Microphone
Aluminum frame with adjustable platform
Photo eye sensors
Programmable Logic Controller
Light Tower
QualityCalibration Certificates