Sound and Vibration Educational Portal

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The Modal Shop's sound and vibration experts have curated a wide range of technical articles, videos, tutorials, and whitepapers relevant to the different applications we support. Please click below to be directed to a testing-specific Educational Portal for more information.

  • Dynamic Sensors and Calibration

    From accelerometer, dynamic pressure sensor, and measurement microphone basics to calibration theory and standards, learn more about dynamic sensors and calibration.

  • Industrial Vibration Validation

    Our Industrial Vibration Team offers video and articles on topics ranging from proximity probe calibration to vibration alarm loop checks. Vibration sensor validation tutorials are also available.

  • Non-Destructive Testing

    Whether you are just getting started with non-destructive testing or are interested in digging into the details of resonant inspection, our team can help with articles, application notes, and FAQs.

  • Sound and Vibration Instrumentation

    The Modal Shop's Sound and Vibration Rental Team are experts in test and measurement instrumentation and applications. Learn more about topics from how to wind cables to noise monitoring best practices.

  • Structural Testing

    Ready to simplify your structural testing? We thought so! With articles and videos on modal testing, excitation techniques, and real-world shaker applications, our excitation experts are here to help.

  • Digital Sensing

    Learn how to leverage on-the-go data dynamic measurement capabilities with simple tools that fit in the palm of a hand. From USB accelerometers to a plug-and-play signal conditioner, our digital sensing products use standard USB audio digital output with no driver installation required.