Calibrate Accelerometers, Microphones, and Dynamic Pressure Sensors

Precise, Efficient, Automated Calibration | Model 9155

The Dynamic Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155 delivers accurate back-to-back comparison calibration of ICP® (IEPE), charge mode, and piezoelectric accelerometers in accordance with ISO 16063-21: 2003 and microphones following IEC 61094- 5. Options to calibrate piezoresistive, capacitive, velocity, 4‑20 mA, visual output meters, and dynamic pressure sensors are also available. Each system provides all the necessary components ‘out-of-the-box’ – from precision actuators to a Windows® PC software controller.

9155 Software serves as the hub of each Precision Sensor Calibration System. It controls system hardware and acquires data for the wide range of SUT’s. A common user interface allows operators to focus on the intricate details of SUT mounting and operation, reducing the risk of procedural errors. An extensive language database allows local language support no matter what part of the globe you call home.


  • Assures accurate, NIST and/or PTB traceable calibrations
  • Turnkey systems include all necessary components
  • Configurable system fits range of applications
  • Local language software via languages database


  • Accelerometers
  • Dynamic Pressure Sensors
  • Precision Measurement Microphones
  • Impact Hammers
  • Visual Output Sensors

A range of options below allow users to create a system to fit the exact needs of their laboratory. The modular design offers expansion of functionality for an existing 9155 System at any time.

cal accelerometer 9155 system product

Accelerometer Calibration

Accelerometer Calibration Workstations offer a precise, efficient, automated calibration across a broad range of sensors. With world class uncertainties, you’ll have control of your process and confidence in your measurements. Calibrate in accordance with ISO 16063-21.

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cal pressure k9903c low pressure product

Dynamic Pressure Sensor Calibration

Dynamic Pressure Calibration Systems are designed to service the wide range of events measured by dynamic pressure sensors. Options range from low-level pressure, 150 psi (1 MPa), to ultra-high pressure, 80 000 psi (550 MPa).

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cal microphone 9917c microphone comparison calibrator product

Precision Measurement Microphone Calibration

Precision Measurement Microphone Calibration Systems offer calibration of precision condenser microphones – 1”, ½”, ¼”, 1/8” - as well as electret array microphones – ½”, ¼”. Systems comply with IEC 61094-6 Electrostatic Actuator Technique or IEC 61094-5 Comparison Calibration Technique.

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cal pressure k9907c medium pressure product

Impact Hammer Calibration

The Gravimetric Calibration System provides accurate and consistent calibration of accelerometers, force sensors and impact hammers.

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Visual Output Sensor Calibration

Visual output sensor software options offer calibration of vibration meters or any vibration sensor that has visual output. 

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