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Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
Accelerometer Calibration Workstation
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Interlaboratory Comparison Program

For Accelerometer Calibration Service Providers

The Modal Shop's Interlaboratory Comparison Program (ILC) is designed to help laboratories achieve confidence in vibration calibration results, validate reliable uncertainty levels and meet ISO17025 certification requirements. Interlaboratory Comparison reporting allows metrology centers to compare the results of their systems, practices and processes to other proficient calibration laboratories across the world.

With both anonymous participation and blind results, the program withholds participant names and specific information from other report participants. Any vibration metrology lab may join regardless of the type of calibration system being used. Participation in a comparison program is frequently required to receive and retain accreditation to standards such as ISO 17025, through institutions such as A2LA, PTB, UKAS and ACLASS.

After enrolling with The Modal Shop, a PCB Group Company,  the participating accelerometer calibration laboratory:

  1. Receives a comparison accelerometer to calibrate
  2. Collects results for frequencies ranging from 0.5 to 20kHz
  3. Returns accelerometer and results to The Modal Shop
  4. Receives a report detailing and comparing the results of 7 different laboratories
  5. Has the opportunity for expert discussion on practices, variances and process improvements 

Please contact The Modal Shop for more information or to join the ILC Program.

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