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Industrial Vibration Quarterly

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Benefits of Firmware Updates

Firmware Updates = SCPI Commands

Did you know SCPI commands, used for Calibrator control and data acquisition, are available in the latest firmware upgrade? The Modal Shop offers an optional Firmware Upgrade Service for your Portable Shaker Table or Vibration Calibrator. Each Firmware Upgrade also includes a calibration and overall health check for your shaker.

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9140 Portable Vibration Calibration

A New Way to Calibrate

Calibrate sensors on-site with our new Portable Vibration Calibration System Series 9140. These systems pair the rugged, battery powered Portable Vibration Calibrator with software that delivers laboratory-style control, automation, and databasing of measurements. Learn more about this addition to our wide range of calibration offerings!

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Digital Vibration Meter

Step Up Your Vibration Monitoring

Stuck using vibration pens to take machine vibration levels? Ready for reliable data and a more thorough understanding of machine health? Check out the Digiducer® Digital Vibration Meter Kit. This pocket-sized Vibration Meter with rugged, piezoelectric sensor and included software pairs with your smart phone to bring vibration analysis into the hands of anyone, from vibration novice to expert.

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Aeroderivative Turbine Vibration Monitoring Systems

Confidence in Aeroderivative Turbine Vibration Monitoring Systems

Need to calibrate the vibration monitoring instrumentation on a GE LM2500 Gas Turbine? Our tutorial guides you through full system test using a Charge Mode Portable Vibration Calibrator. Learn how to confirm the linearity of the vibration monitoring system at critical low and high pressure rotor speeds, plus how to test the system frequency response and calibrate the accelerometer itself.

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Webinar Series

Tradeshow Spotlight

  • C-130 TCG: October 24-25 Orlando, FL
  • PowerGen International: Feb 21-23 Orlando, FL

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