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Issue 145

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Dynamic Sensors and Calibration Tips

Quarterly Calibration News from The Modal Shop


Understanding Microphone Comparison Calibration

Interested in the techniques used to calibrate array and condenser microphones? The IEC 61094-5 comparison method offers a straightforward approach to gathering precise results.

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9919c Product

Upgrade Your Acoustic Calibration Capabilities

The new Acoustic Microphone Calibration System 9919C Series offer fast, accurate, and precise calibrations for precision condenser and array type measurement microphones. The system provides calibrations up to 20 kHz and adheres to the IEC 61094-5 comparison calibration standard. The 9919C Series also integrates into the Dynamic Sensor Calibration Workstation Model 9155D to expand existing vibration and pressure capabilities to include acoustics.

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Tip of the quarter

A Resource for Sensors and Calibration Articles

Interested in learning more about vibration, pressure, and acoustic sensors and their calibration techniques? Check out our Educational Portal with over 150 articles, videos, and archives by topic!

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Upcoming Training

Upcoming Training

  • Modal Testing Seminar: Oct 5-6
    Golden, CO
  • Modal Testing Seminar: Nov 2-3
    Cincinnati, OH

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