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USB-ICP Digital Signal Conditioner
USB-ICP Digital Signal Conditioner
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Digital ICP Signal Conditioner and Analyzer

Fits in Your Pocket, Easy to Set Up

485B39 Signal Conditioner in your Pocket

Condition and analyze two ICP® channels from a device that fits in your pocket. Also available in a kit with system controller and preinstalled time and frequency analysis software.

485B39 is designed to be used with any ICP/IEPE-powered:

  • Accelerometers
  • Microphones
  • Impact Hammers
  • Force Transducers
  • Laser Tachometers
  • and more!


  • Makes high quality measurement more accessible
  • Pocket-sized ICP to USB signal conditioning and analysis
  • Analysis options from time domain to RMS to FFT and more
  • No driver installation required
  • Easily save and share data



ICPD Front
  • ICP / IEPE conditioner, 4mA current per channel
  • 24-bit ADC (16-bit selectable)
  • ± 10 V pk voltage range nominal
  • Analysis Frequency Range 0.7 Hz to 20.7 kHz (±5%)
  • 2 BNC jack sensor input
  • 280 mm integral USB connector cable terminating in Type A

Rental Includes:
Conformance Cert – Includes connectivity information
Manual – Includes connectivity information


K485B39 Dual Channel Analysis Kit

485B39 with phone and signalscope X
  • Avoid Installation of Software with all benefits of 485B39 above plus:
  • System Controller (typical choices include iPad or Windows Laptop)
  • Time and Frequency Analysis software installed

Rental Includes:
485B39 - Includes manual and conformance certification per above
System Controller - Includes connectivity information
Connectivity Accessories as Required - e.g., for iPad: MD821AM/A USB A to Lighting Adaptor
Installed Software – Includes SignalScope X, additional options may be available from list here.

Note: Other software options are available, including those listed below. See a detailed list of software and features available for various platforms here.


SignalScope Pro 3.0

SignalScope Pro 3.0
  • Real-Time Data Acquisition
    • Time and Frequency Domain
    • Multiple block sizes, windowing options available
    • Support for engineering units
    • Export data to multiple file formats for use in other programs
  • Calibration Supported
    • Assign labels, units, and sensitivities to individual input and output channels