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Rotational Sensing


full specs

  • Non-contact rotational speed measurements
  • Measurements in excess of 30000 RPM
  • Usable distance up to 20" away
  • 5/8-18 mounting thread
  • Operates on 3-20 mA ICP® power with standard BNC connector (non-TTL output)

View the LaserTach™ FAQ for further information

Rental Includes:
PD-0727 - L bracket for mounting
LT-Tape - Retroreflective Tape, 5x 1.5” adhesive pieces

PulseDriver ™
full specs

  • Conditions pulse signals from an optical or magnetic pickup for input into a standard ICP® measurement channel
  • Eliminates need to oversample all channels due to high frequency tachometer signal
  • Can divide frequency unit by up to 255
  • Standard BNC connectors

TSC002 and TSC004
full specs

Structural Dynalysis Torsional Signal Conditioner (2 or 4 channel options).  Conditions output from a shaft encoder, mag pickup or Hall Effect sensor for torsional vibration measurements.

Polytec Rotational Laser Vibrometer RLV-5500
full specs

  • Precision rpm, angular velocity and angular displacement measurement
  • Measures from 0 to 20,000 RPM with 10 kHz bandwidth
  • Order filters for run-up measurements
  • Standard ±10V BNC signal output