Resonant Inspection Technical Paper Archive

NDT Resonant Acoustic Method Theory and Technology

Welcome to the NDT-RAM Technical Paper Archive! Please view the technical papers below to learn more about the theory and technology behind The Modal Shop's proven line of NDT-RAM systems. 


Fundamentals of Resonant Acoustic Method

The history, theoretical basis, implementation, and practical applications of Resonance Testing and the Resonant Acoustic Method.

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NDT Gears Misc Application

Physical Basis of Resonant Acoustic Method

An analysis of the physical properties of materials that make the Resonant Acoustic Method well-suited to detect flaws such as geometric deviations, cracks, uneven density distribution, material contamination, and more

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Quality Inspection of High Pressure Gas Turbine Blades Using Resonant Inspection

A sensitive, structural based, Resonant Ultrasound Spectroscopy (RUS) non-destructive testing method aids in critical inspections of high pressure gas turbine blades

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Effects of Crack Size Using Resonant Inspection

A quantification of the effect of crack size on the natural frequencies of powdered metal parts

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Resonant Inspection of Nodularity

A study of the effect of nodularity on the resonant frequencies of ductile iron parts

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Resonant Inspection for Small Powder Metal Parts

A method of applying resonant inspection for quality testing of very small powder metal components

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Resonant Inspection for Improved NVH Performance

An automated resonant inspection technique to validate resonant frequency characteristics within brake components for improved NVH performance

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Resonant Inspection for Sinter Brazing

Resonant Inspection as an automated NDT method for sinter brazed powder metal components used to achieve zero defect (“zero PPM”) output

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Lattice Structure Inspection in Additively Manufactured Parts

Non-Destructive Testing Resonant Acoustic Method, an RUS technique, plus the machine learning method RLDA as an effective solution for detailed defect classification of additively manufactured lattice structures

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