NDT-RAM in Bearing Manufacturing Case Studies

100% Quality Inspection and Process Monitoring

Before NDT-RAM

Error-Prone Visual Inspection
  • 200% visual inspection
  • 180 hours of labor
  • Discovered 44/11,000 bearings were cracked (missed 216 parts that were actually non-conforming)
  • Customer returned all parts to the manufacturer


NDT-Ram Inspection
  • 88 additional cracked bearings discovered (missed in visual inspection)
  • 128 additional non-conforming pieces discovered (missed in visual inspection)
    • missing chamfers
    • excessive ODs
    • short feedouts
  • Magnetic Particle Inspection validated the NDT-RAM sort was 100% accurate
  • Completed 85% faster than visual inspection
  • Full traceability of testing and documentation of part compliance

NDT-RAM Testing Offers Process Monitoring

A bearing manufacturer noticed an increase in the number of failures in the NDT-RAM process and discovered that every fifth part that came down the line failed. Failures were traced back to a grinding and polishing station that processed parts in groups of five.

NDT-RAM proved to be an early indicator of tooling wear.