NDT-RAM Newsletter Issue Archive

Tips, Tricks, and the Latest News

8Upgrade Your NDT for Fast, Clean 100% Part Inspection
Looking for faster testing or even more confidence in testing results? The newest NDT-RAM systems offer faster testing, expanded frequency range, increased resolution, and more. Learn about upgrading your system. Plus, how adding NDT-RAM to your process offers a return on your investment.
7New Capabilities, Same Proven 100% Quality Inspection
The Modal Shop can get you up and running with a Resonance Inspection system faster than anyone in the industry – often as quickly as 2 weeks or less. Learn more. Plus, check out newly published papers on the benefits of NDT-RAM inspections for additively manufactured parts and turbine blades.
6Confidence in Calibration
Learn about the options available for calibration of your NDT-RAM system. Plus, The Modal Shop's rental program makes Resonance Inspection possible with no Capital Expense.
5Testing? Troubleshooting? Preventive Maintenance? We Can Help.
Find tips for preventive maintenance for NDT-RAM systems, plus troubleshooting common issues. Learn about free feasibility testing to determine if NDT-RAM is the right solution for your needs.
4Lock in a System Discount!
A limited number of NDT-RAM Auto Sytems, Drop Fixtures, and Test Stations previously used in our rental program are now available to beocme part of your quality inspection process...
3Have You Got a Spare?
Our NDT-RAM systems are designed to last for the long haul - with easy-to-replace consumable parts such as hammer tips. Based on your system and level of use, the NDT-RAM Team can help you determine what parts to keep in stock..
2Are You Validating Your Quality Inspection System?
NDT-RAM Systems are designed to make your quality inspection process both easy and objective. Our systems are installed in plants around the globe - providing 100% inspection of parts produced each and every day. With the high volumes of parts and harsh environments where they work, we encourage you...
1This is What 100% Quality Inspection Looks Like
With no part preparation required, NDT-RAM can objectively identify resonant frequency shifts caused by internal and external flaws, eliminating errors that come from human interpretation...