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Trial Rental of Non-Destructive Resonant Inspection Systems

A “Try Before You Buy” Solution with NDT-RAM

In order to increase quality and reduce risk we provide you with easy access to equipment through the trial rental process.  After free parts tests identify initial feasibility, system rentals reduce the risk of ownership to parts manufacturers by allowing continuations of suitability and performance with out requiring capital level investments. The program ensures the system will work on your parts in your plant before investing in a system.

  • Try it before you buy it – risk free
  • 100% of the first month's equipment rental fee accrues toward purchase
  • Use the NDT-RAM system in your production environment before making a capital investment decision
  • One day training, at your facility, plus regular follow-up to ensure your maximum benefit from the system performance
  • Three configurations available:

Contact us for more information on system rentals.

Return on Investment Analysis is also available. 

Necessary for Trial Rental

  • One operator primarily responsible for system available during entire training process
    • Additional operators may be identified for training if desired
  • Site equipped with required electrical and compressed air hook-up prior to installation
    • Product documentation relays specifications
  • Original sample set of parts available for on-site system setup
  • Set of master parts kept for calibration purposes to ensure system performance and gauge repeatability as needed

All of the NDT-RAM systems are ideal for 100% inspection requirements for manufacturers or users of powder metal, metal injection molded (MIM), castings (including ductile iron), forgings, stampings or welding. NDT-RAM provides screening for cracks, chips, holes, porosity, out-of-tolerance dimensions, variations in hardness, residual stress, bonding failures and heat-treating processes. Manufacturers that have significant inspection costs (either material or labor costs), produce or use safety-critical parts, have substantial scrap costs due to false rejects, or simply want to improve their part quality can benefit from NDT-RAM technology.

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