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Quality with NDT-RAM
Quality with NDT-RAM
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Powdered Metal

A manufacturer of a disk shaped hub was experiencing crack formations in parts due to a variance in press settings. Redundant 100% post sintering visual inspection was not only time consuming and expensive, but was also unreliable as it failed to catch many of the cracked parts. Powdered Metal Component
The RAM NDT resonant inspection technique detected cracks of two levels of severity. The on-line quality inspection system required no part preparation and was automated with a high throughput conveyor. 100% quality screening was achieved at a rate of about a part a second. Powered Metal Component Frequency Spectrum
In addition to saving the significant labor time and cost involved in visual inspection, the manufacturer has objective 100% quality inspection and an on-going dynamic measurement of whole part integrity. By consistently monitoring the dynamic shifts, process improvements were identified and implemented to reduce scrap and enhance efficiency for increased bottom line profits. Powdered Metal Component Criteria Report

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