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Quality with NDT-RAM
Quality with NDT-RAM
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An automotive parts supplier of air bag propellant diffusers was experiencing cracks during the drawing process. Customer complaints eventually caused manufacturing to require 100% visual inspection. Crack formed during drawing process
To keep up with the very high throughput rate of stamping operations, the extremely fast, RAM-NDT resonant inspection technique was implemented to detect frequency shifts by "ringing" flawed parts. The system objectively determines whole part inspection automatically at approximately 3 seconds per part, typical* using an industrial conveyor and a synchronized electric impactor to ring the parts. The quality analysis and control system listens for frequency shifts with a measurement microphone capable of "hearing" at more than twice that of human hearing. Frequency spectrum of diffuser cap
100% objective, whole part quality inspection is ensured and keeps pace with the stamping operation. The subjective errors and costs of visual inspection were eliminated AND customer confidence/satisfaction increased. The inspection system paid for itself in less than 14 months. Diffuser cap

* Part throughput rate dependent upon part size, belt size, data acquisition setup parameters, and other part handling requirements

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