Simplify Vibration Troubleshooting in Gas Compression Systems

USB Accelerometer for Vibration Testing on Industrial Equipment


Malfunctions in gas compression systems can be costly and difficult to diagnose. Troubleshooting pumps, compressors, turbines and piping in compression systems often involves disassembling components for visual inspection. This disassembly and troubleshooting leads to high repair costs and increased shutdown time.


industrial reciprocating compressor

Refinery Vibration Analyst


Analyzing vibration data from various locations in a system, prior to disassembly, helps locate the cause of malfunctions. As a plug-and-play USB accelerometer, acquiring high quality vibration data with the Digiducer® is quick and convenient. The Digiducer connects to laptops and smart phones, making it easy to save and share vibration plots and values. Technicians can use vibration data to quickly identify a compression system’s failure. To further analyze data, Digiducer interfaces with many, well-known recording applications. Leveraging a reliable sensing unit with user-friendly technology, the Digiducer simplifies obtaining the vibration measurements necessary to troubleshoot machinery issues.


digiducer software on tablet

Output Plot


As a USB accelerometer, using the Digiducer is as simple as using a computer mouse or making a phone call. In addition to diagnosing existing issues in compression systems, data acquired by the Digiducer can be used to verify proper operation in new systems and to detect signs of future failures. This helps technicians avoid shutdowns and dangerous machinery malfunctions. The Digiducer simplifies vibration measurement in one portable, reliable device, allowing technicians to inspect compression systems faster than ever.


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Digiducer plugged into a phone