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Precision Acoustic Calibration Workstation
Precision Acoustic Calibration Workstation
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Turnkey Acoustic Calibration Workstation

Model 9350C

The Precision Acoustic Calibration Workstation Model 9350C is an accurate, turnkey, automated, PC-based system.  The 9350C offers cost-effective calibration of 1/8", 1/4", 1/2" and 1" microphone cartridges (open-circuit sensitivity), microphone cartridges with preamplifiers (closed-circuit sensitivity) and microphone Frequency Response Function.

In addition, the system provides for conformance testing of microphone preamplifiers and acoustic calibrators: pistonphones as well as speaker phone based calibrators.

Under complete software control, the 9350C operates in four modes:

• Microphone Cartridge Calibration
• Microphone & Preamplifier Calibration
• Preamplifier Conformance Test
• Source Calibration (example: pistonphone)

Results are used to generate a calibration certificate or are saved in the database for later reference.

  • Complies with IEC 61094-6 and IEC 60942
  • Streamlined, easy and intuitive operation throughout
  • Comma Separated Variable (CSV) export of calibration data
  • Easy and fast retrieval of calibration certificates from a model/serial or asset number filtered list
  • Sophisticated system verification procedures
  • Automatic Free-Field and Random Incidence correction curves applied for those types of microphones
  • Pass/fail classification of the Microphone Under Test is available by use of frequency dependent limit lines
  • Automatic test parameter setup for PCB®, Larson Davis, GRAS, most Bruel & Kjær and ACO microphones
  • Integration of customer defined logo on calibration certificates

Model 9350C Specifications
Download 9350C datasheet  

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