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Shock Tubes and Dynamic Pressure Characterization

 A number of national metrology institutes including NIST, LNE and NPL have added capability to conduct research on dynamic pressure characterization via the well-known shock tube apparatus.  For decades, PCB Piezotronics has operated this type of pressure actuator in-house for quick rise time, high-speed pressure sensors like those used in gas turbine and internal combustion engines.  The shock tube pressure apparatus is especially useful in that it characterizes dynamic pressure sensors in both amplitude and frequency response.  At the latest dynamic standards meeting in Seoul, Korea last month, the ISO/TC 108/SC 3 committee decided...

to include the preparation of a new standard on dynamic pressure calibration as a preliminary work item in the program of work and to allocate the item to working group 6.  The Modal Shop's Senior Scientist Mr. Mark Schiefer, has been appointed the project leader.  Any dynamic pressure sensor users interested in collaborating on the evolution of a standard are encouraged to connect with Mark, or their National Metrology Lab to provide input.

Please read the press release below about the NPL Dynamic Test Facility for pressure sensors:

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