Issue 106
Verify Accuracy in the Field: Check Your Reference Accelerometer for Drift

Did you know that if you have concerns about how your shaker has been handled you can check its accuracy without sending it in for calibration? 

Thanks to their rugged design, The Modal Shop's portable shakers have been able to withstand some pretty rough handling while still maintaining accuracy. With an internal quartz reference accelerometer that is naturally piezoelectric, the units typically exhibit very little drift. Depending on your testing, a quick field check can make all the difference in creating confidence in your measurements. 

Learn how to perform a quick and easy check to see if your shaker is operating accurately at the reference frequency. Remember, this check is not a substitute for factory calibration, but it can help give you peace of mind in between your regularly scheduled factory calibrations.  
Industrial Vibration World News

In support of our vibration shaker table, The Modal Shop performs complimentary training all around the world (sometimes via webinar). Often, a reliability team will bring their vibration analyzers and magnet mount accelerometers, giving us the opportunity to show the effect of mounting on the useable frequency range of the sensor. Meredith Christman of PCB Piezotronics wrote a comprehensive article on this subject in the February issue of Uptime Magazine, " Making It In A High Frequency World." Perhaps this is a headline for another newsletter, but we have found that not all magnets are created equal. Testing in our calibration lab, we found a certain company's sensor, call it "Brand C," performed better at high frequencies with a PCB Piezotronics curved surface magnet than when mounted with the equivalent "Brand C" magnet. Look out for this technical report in a future issue of this newsletter.

Garrett Wolfe, Category III Vibration Analyst with Vallourec Star, says there is no reason to wait for hydraulic piston pump leakage to let you know about an impending failure. His article in Efficient Plant Magazine, " Vibration Points to Piston Pump Failure," details the methods he used to apply vibration analysis on these machines to achieve a 100% success rate predicting failures. His method provides for far earlier warning, enough to save 60% to 65% in pump repair costs.

Creating a Calibration Certificate for a -24 VDC Reverse Polarity Powered Accelerometer

Check out this video tutorial on how to create a calibration certificate for a 3-pin -24 VDC reverse polarity powered acceleration transducer.

Did you know?
  • Don't have a Model 9110D? With our  upgrade program you can upgrade your 9100D to a 9110D. Contact us for more information!
  • Interested in streamlining your testing or handing off repetitive tests to technicians with less vibration experience? You can upgrade your portable shaker to run semi-automated tests by adding optional firmware, 9110-CALROUTE . Customers with firmware version 5.1.1 or higher can add CALROUTE to their portable calibrators without returning them to our facility.
Question of the Quarter

"Not All Magnets Are Created Equal" - Would you be interested in learning more about how various brands of magnet mounting bases stack up against each other?  Let us know!

Michael R. Scott
Category II Vibration Analyst
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