Accumetrics Telemetry System Rental

Real Time Measurements on Rotating Shafts

Single channel telemetry systems from Accumetrics  provide non-contact transmission of torque measurements off of rotating shafts. Coupled with your strain gages, these systems make dependable collection of torque measurements off of rotating machines faster, easier, and safer. Though primarily used for torque measurements, the systems are also capable of providing RTD temperature and voltage measurements. Check out  this video to see the AT-5000 EasyApp in action. See notes on system selection and setup for more information.

AT-5000 EasyApp Battery Powered Telemetry System

The Accumetrics AT-5000 EasyApp offers a battery powered, low profile, 12-bit resolution wireless telemetry measurement system with a flexible antenna suitable for installation in even small or oddly shaped spaces around the rotating shafts to be measured.  Kit details below. 

  • Low power transmitter allows for long battery life
  • Easy installation with aramid fiber strap and flexible antenna
  • High data integrity and noise immunity
  • Small size requiring only 0.7 to 0.9 in radial shaft clearance
  • DC to 1.2 kHz bandwidth
  • Full specs from manufacturer

Rental Includes

  • AT-5000 Transmitter and Antenna
  • AT-5000-S Aramid strap for installation
  • AT-5000 Receiver
  • FT50040 One time use lithium battery

Notes on System Selection and Setup

The customer should provide The Modal Shop with details concerning the shaft size and estimated torques to be measured so that the system can be set up with the correct gain settings. Contact us for detailed selection assistance.