Portable Sound and Vibration Testing for Automobile Components

Making smarter diagnostic systems starts with good data. Don’t compromise the quality of your application data. The Digital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner Model 485B39 provides the quality and field portability required to bring powerful sound and vibration measurement tools wherever they are needed.

Automobile manufacturers, engineers, and technicians benefit from access to high quality, broad frequency noise and vibration data. The pocket-sized, low-power, Digital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner, enables automobile manufacturers to gain access to high quality data quickly and easily. Real-time measurements of vehicles and automotive subsystems can be shared with experts, even if those experts are off-site. Automobile manufacturers can take it a step further and use that data to seed a neural network or machine learning system to automate analysis and create maintenance dashboards for mobile devices.

  • Collect high quality data
  • Digitize and share that data
  • Analyze the data
  • Create maintenance dashboards

How does it work? Paired with precision, calibrated sensors such as accelerometers and microphones, Digital ICP brings wide frequency bandwidth, anti-aliased data right to a mobile device. The data stream is in a standard audio format, making this a plug-and-play system that works seamlessly with both existing apps and custom-made solutions. Automobile manufacturers have the flexibility to create tools used to test automotive subsystems anywhere, from manufacturing end-of-line testing to service departments, and share data with the experts in any location, who can help diagnose sound and vibration issues.

This highly portable and customizable tool delivers a snapshot of data about the current conditions of a cars subsystems to ensure they meet quality or maintenance requirements.

  • Transmissions
  • Engines
  • Alternators
  • HVAC Systems
  • Actuators
  • Powered Windows, Seats, and Mirrors
  • And More

This noise and vibration data can be compared to baseline levels, ideal for use as a diagnostic tool in dealerships to check for component quality or issues of aging and wearing.

In the auto industry, bearing, transmission, and other problems typically require broad frequency measurements. Digital ICP facilitates these measurements, offering an alias-free, two-channel data stream with:

  • Wide frequency range
  • High sample rate

Bring sound and vibration insights from automobile components to the experts with Digital ICP-USB Signal Conditioner.