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9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator for Metrology Applications
9110D Portable Vibration Calibrator for Metrology Applications
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GE Bently Nevada 330400 and 330425 Accelerometer Calibration

Validation of GE Bently Nevada 330400 Acceleration Transducer with Portable Vibration Calibrator

Commonly used in asset condition monitoring, the GE Bently Nevada* 330400 & 330425 accelerometers are suitable for harsh industrial environments. These rugged accelerometers are used to monitor the machine casing vibration of critical machinery, such as in gear mesh applications. It is essential to calibrate acceleration sensors periodically to ensure that your vibration protection system is doing its job keeping your employees and assets safe.

The following video demonstrates testing a GE Bently Nevada 330400 accelerometer using a Portable Vibration Calibrator from The Modal Shop. Check out the photo above to see how test setup can be even easier with optional accessory cable, 9100-PS02-CBL01.

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As you can see, the Portable Vibration Calibrator makes calibrating BN 330400 and BN 330425 accelerometers a quick and simple process.

Why Use a Portable Vibration Calibrator to Calibrate Your Sensors?

  • Easily create NIST-traceable, ISO-compliant calibration certificates using only a supplied Microsoft Excel workbook and no additional software or manual data entry
  • Semi-automated CALROUTE system allows for immediate pass/fail feedback
  • Portability: Bring the Portable Vibration Calibrator right to your sensors and test in-place
    • Loop check your entire vibration monitoring system and create calibration certificates at the same time with one simple procedure
    • Use this system test to meet API 670 requirements by verifying that alerts and alarms are working properly
  • Ease of use
    • Closed-loop controls allow user to quickly and easily set desired frequency and amplitude
    • Receive instant sensitivity measurements on the Portable Vibration Calibrator screen

Simplify Sensor Tests with the Portable Vibration Calibrator and Accessories

9100-PS02 Power Supply
9100-PS02 Power Supply
  • Convenient and portable, power is supplied for calibration and testing of 24 V DC loop powered sensors via the USB drive on top of the shaker
  • Internal precision resistor for accurate current and voltage measurements
  • Works with The Modal Shop’s 9100D, 9110D, 9200D, and 9210D shakers
9100-PS02-CBL01 Cable
9100-PS02-CBL01 Cable
  • Connects to 9100-PS02 to allow simple setup for testing 3-pin sensors powered with -24 V DC, such as GE Bently Nevada 330400 and 330425 accelerometers
  • Clearly labeled to connect with the power supply, the sensor, and the test sensor input on the PVC, making this test simple to perform
  • Works with The Modal Shop’s 9100D, 9110D, 9200D, and 9210D shakers (Note: If using 9100D or 9200D, a voltmeter is required to measure the signal from the sensor under test.)
  • Firmware upgrade for portable shaker tables
  • Adds semi-automation capability with pre-programmed frequency and amplitude points
  • Allows anyone, even someone with little to no vibration experience, to step through test points and create NIST-traceable calibration certificates with The Modal Shop's 9110D

Learn more about calibrating accelerometers and portable vibration calibration.

*a trademark of Bently Nevada, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company