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VTI Cards Side View

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November 18, 2010
Vibration Data Acquisition Digitizers and Source Cards Discounted

The Modal Shop offers industry standard VTI digitizers and source cards discounted for sale used.  The E1432A and E1433A digitizers and E1434A 4-channel source cards offer a high-performance system architecture for mechanical, sound and vibration data acquisition applications.  HP-Agilent-VXI-VTI Technologies digitizers and cards are a proven solution, ideal for expanding the channel count of existing vibration test systems.  All units are single slot C-sized cards for the VXI bus architecture.   Calibration and a one-year warranty are included with purchase.

The E1432A provides 16-channels at 51.2 kSa/s/ch while the E1433A offers 8-channels at 196 kSa/s/ch.  Both include on-board digital signal processing.  Available card options include tachometer (AYF) or source (1D4), expanded memory (ANC) and/or local bus (UGV). The digitizers host selectable, full scale input ranges from 100mV to 20Vpk (E1432A) or 5mV to 10Vpk (E1433A). These customizable ranges yield better resolution than many less flexible 24-bit systems. The Modal Shop's 009L05 cables are available to interface with the 4-channel input connectors to standard BNC connections.

The E1434A provides 4 or 5 output channels, with option 1D4, and 65 kSa/s/ch arbitrary sources.  With creation and continuous playback of data, the E1434A offers ease of use and increased system performance. The ability to integrate with both the E1432A and E1433A make these cards ideal for modal excitation during MIMO testing. The Modal Shop has a full line of products to compliment the E1432A, E1433A and E1434A. Shakers, amplifiers, transducers, cables and many other test accessories are available for purchase or rental.

THE MODAL SHOP, INC. offers many unique rental products and accessories.  For specification sheets, application data, pricing, or to schedule a rental, please contact THE MODAL SHOP, INC., 3149 E. Kemper Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet:, 800-860-4867, Fax 513-458-2172 or e-mail: