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Vibration Calibration Webinar Series
Vibration Calibration Webinar Series

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April 2, 2020
Vibration Calibration: From Sensor Selection to Calibration Results Webinar Series

Social distancing is key right now. With many teams moving to remote work or limited presence in the lab, one way to use time wisely, gather information safely, and give yourself a break from the monotony of separation is via online education. Our Calibration Team is hosting a second edition of Calibration Webinars - We'll even supply you with a certificate for continuing education credit after completion! 

The webinars will be held at 11:00 AM EDT - beginning Thursday, April 2nd. You can register below: 

  • April 2: Selecting the Best Accelerometer for Your Test
    • Join us to learn the basic operating principles of various accelerometer designs, the physics behind their operation, and why they are selected for various applications. We will also discuss design decisions for accelerometers and how these choices determine a sensor's specifications. Special focus will be give to reference accelerometers used in the calibration process. Come find out how to choose not just any accelerometer for your measurement, but rather the best accelerometer!
  • April 9: Accelerometer Calibration: From Mechanical to Electrical Techniques 
    • Join us for an overview of the calibration methods used for accelerometers and the associated calibration standards. We will cover the different types of excitation from portable to shock exciters and the typical failure modes of sensors. Learn more about a range of approaches to calibration.
  • April 16: Calibration Measurement Results: The Effects of Shaker and Accelerometer Choices
    • Join us as we cover transverse sensitivity measurements and share an overview of the relationship between transverse sensitivity and the calibration vibration exciter characteristic of transverse motion. The specific effect of shaker transverse motion on measurement uncertainty and a summary of typical vibration calibration uncertainty will be covered. Learn more about the nuances of a calibration.
  • April 28: How Often Should I Recalibrate My Sensor? 
    • ‚ÄčJoin us as we discuss the most frequently asked and seemingly simple question – “How Often Should I Recalibrate My Sensor?”. This question has the often unsatisfying answer of "it depends." During the 45-minute session, we will cover a more detailed analysis of the factors involved. Parameters of risk are considered with common questions raised that will allow any stakeholder involved in a measurement to provide appropriate calibration intervals. Although sensors highlighted focus on common types used in structural testing (e.g., accelerometers, microphones, modal impact hammers), concepts discussed are equally applicable to many sensor types.


Please register for information on how to join the webinar. We look forward to talking with you!