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July 14, 2020
Sound And Vibration Measurements Webinar Series

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Sound & Vibration Measurements

Instrumentation Insight and Practical Testing Advice

The Modal Shop invites you to join us for a new webinar series: Sound & Vibration Measurements: Instrumentation Insight and Practical Testing Advice. We’re bringing in experts from The Modal Shop as well as other industry partners to share decades of testing wisdom in an easy-to-access format. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes with time for questions and answers.

At the end of the series, we’ll share a certificate for continuing education credits accumulated. Learn more below and register today!

  • July 14: Tools to Improve or Simplify Sound & Vibration Measurements
    In a busy world, sometimes it's tough to tell "what's new" from even your most trusted partners. In this fast-paced session, we will discuss more than 20 new and updated solutions for checking entire measurement channels, options for testing in wet environments, measuring ultra-low frequency or ultra-quiet environments, remote monitoring, and so much more.
  • July 21: Data-to-Go: Your ICP® Sensors Digitized
    Did you know you can view, record, stream, and process signals from piezoeletric accelerometers and precision microphones from a phone? Or a tablet? Or a computer? From quick measurements to long term monitoring, simplify your testing with true plug-and-play solutions that fit in your pocket. Both the Digiducer® USB Accelerometer and the new Digital ICP to USB Signal Conditioner used with any industry standard ICP/IEPE transducers are overviewed.
  • July 28: Modal Testing Demystified
    New to shaker testing? Interested in a refresher? The setup of shakers, stingers, and transducers is often a source of testing challenges and avoidable measurement errors. Join us to learn the basics and practical aspects of using modal shakers.
  • August 4: Introducing ROCK* for Remote Vibration Monitoring
    Do you measure and report on construction-related vibration projects? In these situations, it’s crucial to have reliable equipment designed to survive the elements, provide real-time access to data and events, and simplify reporting. Join us as we discuss this modern solution to help simplify construction vibration monitoring.
  • August 11: Common Pitfalls of Outdoor Noise Measurements
    We get it, outdoor measurements can be tricky! Depending on the test, you may not get a second chance, so it's important to get it right the first time. Common pitfalls include: inadequate weather protection, poor instrument marking and site selection, incorrect or incomplete data, deficient power planning, and not anticipating data file size.
  • August 18: How Often Should I Recalibrate My Sensor?
    Join us as we discuss the most frequently asked and seemingly simple question – “How Often Should I Recalibrate My Sensor?”. This question has the often unsatisfying answer of "it depends." We will cover a detailed analysis of the factors involved. Parameters of risk are considered with common questions raised to provide appropriate calibration intervals. Although sensors highlighted focus on common types used in structural testing (e.g., accelerometers, microphones, modal impact hammers), concepts discussed are equally applicable to many sensor types.
  • August 25: Sound and Vibration Measurements - Ask Me Anything
    Join us to have your test and measurement questions answered by the experts! We will be collecting questions from every webinar in the Sound & Vibration Measurements Series as well as questions submitted via email and social media and answering them LIVE. To submit your questions, please email by 5:00 PM EDT on August 18!

*At this time, The Modal Shop only offers The ROCK for rental for tests in the United States.