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June 19, 2006
Resonant Inspection NDT White Paper Released

June 19, 2006, Cincinnati, OH — THE MODAL SHOP, INC. announces the release of an NDT White Paper detailing the benefits of the Resonant Acoustic Method (NDT-RAMTM) and the technology behind it.  NDT-RAM systems are ideal for manufacturers or users of powdered metal parts, castings, or forgings that have substantial inspection cost, require 100% inspection, produce or use safety-critical parts, have substantial scrap costs due to false rejects, or sorting issues due to product containment.  With no part preparation required, this technique can successfully identify internal and external flaws due to cracks, voids, material density, dimensions, porosity and nodularity as well as missed manufacturing processes.

The NDT-RAM White Paper covers the history of NDT for quality control testing, clearly explains how the technique works, discusses the specific implementation of resonant inspection and highlights the advantages of the Resonant Acoustic Method.  Also included is a relevant case study to illustrate the technique in use.

Be informed; know your options when it comes to critical processes like quality assurance. 

Download the NDT-RAM White Paper at or by contacting THE MODAL SHOP, INC., 3149 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet:, (800) 860-4867, Fax (513) 458-2172 or e-mail:


NDT-RAM is a trademark of The Modal Shop, Inc.

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