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February 25, 2006
Resonance testing now available for the 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation

February 25, 2006, Cincinnati, OH – THE MODAL SHOP, INC., a PCB Group Co., introduces the addition of sensor resonance testing capabilities to the workhorse Model 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation.  By measuring the mounted resonant frequency of a sensor, tiny cracks and other flaws in the sensor can be detected well before the sensor actually fails.

The Model 9155C-550 Resonance Test option allows users to measure a sensor’s mounted resonance frequency using The Modal Shop’s calibration-grade air-bearing shaker.  Unlike other air-bearing shakers, the resonance frequency of the internal reference of the K394A30/A31 shaker is greater than 70 kHz giving it a TRUE useable range for resonant searches up to 50 kHz.  And because the search is done with the shaker, no remounting of the sensor is required; making the resonance search take only seconds after the calibration is performed.

The easy-to-use software GUI automates sweep measurement and seamlessly integrates into The Modal Shop’s Model 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation that performs calibrations on both ICP® (IEPE) and charge mode accelerometers, providing both sensitivity and phase data.  All sensor information and calibration data is managed within a Microsoft Access database that allows for customizable calibration reports conforming to the requirements of ISO 17025 for calibration certificates.  The system also self-documents measurement uncertainty according to ISO 16063-21.

For more information on the Model 9155C Accelerometer Calibration Workstation or other sound and vibration sensor calibration products, contact THE MODAL SHOP, INC., 3149 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet:, (800) 860-4867, (513) 351-9919, Fax (513) 458-2172 or e-mail:

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