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NDT Drop Test Fixture
NDT Drop Test Fixture

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September 9, 2011
Quality Inspection of Small Parts

The Modal Shop's Drop Test Fixture has grown into broad application in whole part testing of small components. Using Resonant Acoustic Method Nondestructive Testing (RAM-NDT) technology, the system makes for simple detection of process conformance and evaluation of flaws, such as cracks and missing features. The system’s fast throughput allows for inspection of 100% of parts produced, reducing quality risks. The Drop Test Fixture has experienced rapid adoption in quality and reputation critical markets like PIM/MIM for medical device manufacturing.

With typical testing speeds of approximately three seconds per part, RAM-NDT creates a quick and efficient inspection process. Rugged design and construction make RAM-NDT an ideal quality solution for the plant floor. The system assesses quality by checking the acoustic frequency of each part. Testing is completely objective, using pass/fail criteria based on frequency limits established prior to inspection. Systems can be integrated into existing production lines to automatically align components before dropping them on the impact point. Post impact, parts are automatically sorted into pass/fail containment bins via a stepper motor.

This simple, efficient automation allows 100% quality inspection for an entire production lot in a fraction of the normal time. Unlike subjective methods such as visual inspection, RAM-NDT offers objective, criteria-driven results. The RAM-NDT technique and hardware have proven reliable in decades of automotive and aerospace market use. The Drop Test Fixture now automates the testing of small parts from start to finish, making 100% quality inspection fast, simple and reliable.

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