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Modal Exciter (Model 2100E11)
Modal Exciter (Model 2100E11)

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August 22, 2008
New Modal Excitation Information Guide

The Modal Shop, a PCB Group Company, announces the release of a new modal excitation information guide for their 100lbf electrodynamic exciter designed for experimental modal analysis.  The 2100E11 modal shaker features a through-hole armature with a chuck and collet stinger connection for easy setup and attachment to the test structure.  Weighing just 33 lbs (15 kg), the unit provides excellent force to mass ratio with nearly half the weight and twice the force as other common modal shakers.  The unit also employs two critical protection features – an electrical fuse preventing overcurrent and a mechanical limit switch preventing overtravel – which ensure that your equipment investment and test schedule are both safe and secure.

The information guide is presented in the format of a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and is available for download at  It provides valuable information about proper use of an electrodynamic exciter as applied to experimental modal analysis, covering topics ranging from the shaker and amplifier, to stinger assemblies and sensor selection, to modal excitation techniques.

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