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LaserTach™ - ICP® Powered Laser Tachometer
LaserTach™ - ICP® Powered Laser Tachometer

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February 1, 2005
NEW ICP™ LaserTach™ Simplifies Acquisition of Rotating Speed Signals

CINCINNATI, OH (November 1, 2003) - The LaserTach™ ICP™ tachometer from The Modal Shop senses the speed of rotating equipment and outputs an analog voltage signal for referencing vibration signals to shaft speed. The sensor allows for measurements in excess of 30,000 RPM from distances as far as 6 feet (2 meters). A red status LED provides positive, visual indication of proper signal pickup. The standard BNC jack connects the sensor to any constant current IEPE conditioned data acquisition systems and signal conditioners. Unlike magnetic tachometer pickups, the LaserTach does not require the rotating equipment to be a ferrous material - only a visually contrasting section of the shaft needs to be available. This is typically accomplished with a small piece of reflective or retro-reflective tape.

Since the unit is powered from standard ICP® sensor signal conditioning, only a single coaxial or twisted pair cable connection is required - exactly how your ICP® accelerometers are conditioned. No additional or specialized external power source is needed, facilitating deployment of multiple tachometer sensors using the same cabling scheme as with other ICP® sensor arrays for acquiring dynamic vibration, pressure, strain or force data. The LaserTach operates using the standard 2 to 20 mA current supplied by many data acquisition systems and all ICP® sensor signal conditioners.

For more information about the ways the ICP™ LaserTach can benefit your operations, contact THE MODAL SHOP INC., 3149 E. Kemper Road Cincinnati, OH 45241-1516, Internet:, (800) 860-4867, Fax (513) 458-2172 or e-mail:

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