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May 11, 2021
Global Condition Monitoring Webinar Series

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Condition Monitoring – Solutions for Safety and Uptime

Instrumentation for Power Generation and Industrial Applications

The Modal Shop invites you to join us for our upcoming global webinar series: Condition Monitoring – Solutions for Safety and Uptime. We’re bringing in experts from PCB Piezotronics, The Modal Shop, and Larson Davis to share decades of testing experience in an easy-to-access format. Each session will last approximately 45 minutes with time for questions and answers. Webinars are hosted Tuesdays, from 11 May through 29 June, at 14:00 CEST.

  • On Demand: Dynamic Pressure and Vibration: Understanding Combustion Pressure Sensors and High Temp Accelerometers
    Condition Monitoring - both combustion dynamics and vibration - is essential to ensure trouble-free operations, worker safety, and to prevent catastrophic failures. High Temperature Differential Charge Accelerometers and Combustion Instability Pressure Sensors are Manufactured to meet specific power generation and petrochemical design requirements, including intrinsic safety certifications. Join us for a discussion on combustion pressure sensors and high temperature accelerometers and available OEM equivalent options.
  • On Demand: Testing and Troubleshooting: Vibration Shutdown Alarms
    Ready to troubleshoot issues before they become false trips or ignored faults? With many possible sources of error within a Vibration Monitoring System, ranging from cables and programming to sensors and more, having the right tool is key. Real-time troubleshooting with a portable vibration calibrator can increase your uptime and improve safety. Join us for a review of common issues such as incorrect cabling and gap voltage on installed proximity probe measurement systems.
  • On Demand: Noise Dosimetry: Improving Personal Noise Exposure Measurements
    No matter the environment, monitoring worker noise exposure is one of the many challenges faced by Industrial Hygienists and Plant Safety Managers. From working to meet compliance directive 2003/10/EC to prevention of validation, obtaining quick, accurate measurements is essential. Join us to learn how technological advancements are improving the ability to make quality worker noise exposure measurements the first time in both hazardous and safe environments.
  • On Demand: How To: Turning Your Phone into a Vibration Analyzer
    Did you know that your smart phone can become a vibration analyzer? Or a simple vibration meter? All it takes to unlock the power for your smart phone is a high-accuracy digital USB accelerometer. Learn how to put the power of vibration measurements in the hands of your Instrumentation & Controls technician.
  • On Demand: Go Wireless: Converting Your Existing Vibration Monitoring Instrumentation
    Would a simple, effective, alarm-based wireless vibration monitoring system improve your uptime? Interested in wireless vibration monitoring that builds upon your existing program rather than replacing it? Join us to learn how installed accelerometers can be re-purposed into a sophisticated wireless vibration condition monitoring system that provides daily machinery health evaluation, synced to your existing system.
  • On Demand: Breaking Barriers: Getting Started with 4-20 mA Vibration Transmitters
    Monitoring vibration is the best way to ensure the health of critical rotating equipment and eliminate downtime. What if vibration measurements were as easy as temperature, flow, and pressure? What if vibration were just another number, trend line, and alarm in your control room? From simple overall measurements to challenging rolling element bearing faults or reciprocating compressor impacting, learn how 4-20 mA vibration instrumentation works to simplify the complex task of condition monitoring.
  • On Demand: Human Vibration Measurements: Risks, Limits, and Mitigation
    From quick assessment to measurement techniques, join us to learn about the methods of evaluating human vibration exposure. Discussion will center on both hand arm vibration (ISO 5349) and whole body vibration (ISO 2631) as well as the application of various weightings. Learn how to make measurements compliant with EU Directive 2002/44/EC.