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January 17, 2014
Chicago Seminar on Vibration Calibration - March 27, 2014

Lab managers, technicians, engineers and metrologists responsible for maintaining and calibrating vibration instrumentation are encouraged to attend this free seminar about accelerometer design, basic vibration calibration methods, and proper techniques when calibrating.

You will also learn about types and theories of accelerometers, dynamic sensor types, principles and practical considerations for calibration, calibration theory and standards, primary and secondary calibration methodology, and measurement uncertainty budgets.

Speaker Bio:

Stephen Bill has more than 45 years in product field testing, technical training seminar development, and sales and marketing operations. His background with companies like the U.S. Navy, Acurex Autodata, Anafaze, Kaye Instruments, Endevco, and PCB Piezotronics make him an industry expert in technologies like field testing, data acquisition and rotating machinery telemetry, PID process control systems, transportation, vibration and pressure sensors, acoustics and instrument calibration make him an industry expert.