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Resonant Inspection for Small Powder Metal Parts


"New Methodology Applying Resonant Inspection for Quality Testing of Very Small Powder Metal Components"

Resonant Inspection is commonly used for quality assurance testing of powder metal components, providing a volumetric whole body approach that detects both external and internal structural flaws or anomalies. This technique measures a metal component’s mechanical resonances by striking the part with an impact and analyzing the acoustic ringing produced. Traditionally this technique has been limited to small to medium components with sizes ranging from about a “dime to a dinner plate” due to the requirements to align and impact the part. However, using a new methodology that employs a drop testing fixture to excite the part rather than an electromechanical impactor, very small components such as those commonly manufactured by powder metal MIM processes can be 100% inspected reliably, quickly and cost-effectively. This paper presents the new drop test methodology supported with case study and experimental results.

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