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Lock in a System Discount

Looking for a wise long-term investment for use-it or lose-it year-end money? A limited number of NDT-RAM Auto Systems, Drop Fixtures, and Test Stations previously used in our rental program are now available to become part of your quality inspection process. System discounts, valid through the end of 2019, are based on system age and previous use. 

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Are Your Bearings Quality?

Did you know that NDT-RAM is ideally suited for quality inspection of bearings? Test both inner and outer races before assembly and ensure 100% defect-free parts with simple pass/fail results. Sorting parts as fast as 3 seconds per part, NDT-RAM systems can be seamlessly integrated into your manufacturing process. NDT-RAM is also a useful tool for monitoring manufacturing processes. Collect data to help predict machine and tool wear.

Case Study: From Visual Inspection to NDT-RAM

Curious about the benefits of using NDT-RAM for 100% quality inspection? Take a look at this real-life success story: before implementing NDT-RAM testing on their line, a bearing manufacturer used visual inspection and missed several hundred defective parts that were subsequently shipped to a customer. The entire shipment of 10,000+ parts was returned. The manufacturer never wanted that to happen again. See how NDT-RAM can help you ensure your quality and ship zero defects...

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