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Have You Got a Spare?

Wear and tear happens. Do you have spare parts onsite for machines in your facility? When the difference between running production or having a line down is as simple as a small replacement part, why not make sure you have the right item in stock? 
Our NDT-RAM systems are designed to last for the long haul - with easy-to-replace consumable parts such as hammer tips. Based on your system and level of use, the NDT-RAM Team can help you determine what parts to keep in stock. A list of popular spares is below:
  • Hammer tips
  • Hammer shafts
  • Conveyor belts
  • Sensor cables
  • Microphones

No waiting. No downtime. Just the parts you need on-hand, backed by the technical support of our NDT Team. Contact us today to set up a set of spares!

Tech Spotlight - Additive Manufacturing

Unlike extremely high volume production applications, the innovative nature of additively manufactured parts demands a different approach to inspection. Our NDT-RAM engineers understand the need to ensure the quality of both your process and the final product produced. 

NDT-RAM technology allows additive manufacturers to test parts at any point in the manufacturing process - post build, post HIP, post machining, post heat treating. Some test methods have surface roughness requirements (Eddy Current and Ultrasonic Testing), others are challenging and expensive for initial screening (CT). NDT-RAM systems are an excellent alternative - delivering a fast and efficient pass / fail result for 100% of parts produced.

Learn more about NDT-RAM and Additive Manufacturing!

NDT Team - On the Road to See You!

The NDT-RAM Team will be onsite at upcoming shows around the US to meet you in person. Our team is committed to helping you solve your quality challenges - please stop by! 

April 27-30, 2019
Atlanta, GA
Booth 2024*

Ceramics Expo
April 30-May 1, 2019
Cleveland, OH
Booth 835

June 23-26, 2019
Phoenix, AZ
Booth 317

*Impact NDT, distributor for The Modal Shop, will be exhibiting at CastExpo

Think Globally - Act Modally,

Bryan Butsch -  Gary Mathias - Mike Randall

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