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8032S AirRide Test Support Mount
8032S AirRide Test Support Mount
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Air Ride Test Support

Model 8032S

AirRides provide excellent isolation and support of heavy structures during modal testing.  They meet the modal challenge of keeping the mounting (rigid body) frequencies well below the frequency of the first deflection mode. Used exclusively for "body-in-white" vehicle modal tests, they offer a typical mounting frequency of 2.88 Hz for a 650 lb. mass. Since the natural frequency does not vary appreciably with load, several mounts may be used to support a structure at various loading points with good agreement on overall system mounting frequencies. AirRides offer the highest degree of isolation of any type of vibration isolator.


  • Excels in supporting "body-in-white" vehicles for modal testing.
  • Provides extremely low mounting frequencies for large test structures.
  • Eliminates "chatter" seen in coil springs.
  • Eliminates multiple mounting frequencies, since AirRide natural frequency does not change significantly with changes in load.
  • Compact in size, light in weight.