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K2004E01 SmartShaker
K2004E01 SmartShaker
SmartShaker with Violin
SmartShaker with Violin
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SmartShaker™ with Integrated Power Amplifier

Models K2004E01 & K2007E01

This electrodynamic exciter is a small, portable permanent magnet shaker with a new generation of ultra compact precision power amplifier integrated in its base. The revolutionary SmartShaker™ eliminates the need for a separate, cumbersome power amplifier - just plug the excitation signal from a dynamic signal analyzer or function generator directly into the BNC on the base of the shaker.  SmartShaker provides up to 7 pounds (31 N) pk sine force during testing. The unit is supplied with a DC power supply but can be run directly from any 12-21 VDC supply.

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  • Integrated power amplifier eliminates the need for a separate, cumbersome power amplifier.
  • SmartShaker™ provides up to 7 pounds (31 N)  pk sine force with a 1/2 inch (1,27 cm) stroke.
  • 10-32 threaded mounting insert supports payloads up to 2 lbs (0,91 kg).
  • Trunnion mounting base with EasyTurn™ handles.


  • General vibration testing
    • Small components
    • Sub-assemblies
    • biomedical
  • Experimental modal analysis
  • Educational laboratory research
  • Mechanical impedance measurements
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The SmartShaker features an extremely rugged suspension systems using carbon fiber composite leaf armature flexures, avoiding the suspension damage common with some other small shakers. Isolated linear bearings provide low distortion and eliminate the need for reaction wrenches when mounting loads to the armature. A trunnion base with EasyTurn™ allows for convenient mounting and positioning. The exciter is delivered with a variety of 10-32 nylon stingers which provide electrical isolation from and flexible attachments to test articles.