Issue 110
VIDEO: Calibrate Low Frequency, High Sensitivity DC MEMS Accelerometers

High sensitivity MEMS-based accelerometers test low amplitude vibration levels and provide high voltage output. They are often used for vehicle ride quality, seismic monitoring, bridge testing, and aerospace applications and are calibrated for frequency response by manufacturers. With a Low Frequency Portable Vibration Calibrator Model 9210D, the same calibrations can be performed at the test site. The 9210D can also be used to test the entire measurement chain (sensor, cable, and data acquisition) to confirm the system is operating correctly at critical frequencies.

Industry News 

Smart sensors connected to mobile apps are highlighted in Plant Service's recent article on transitioning industrial plants to a predictive maintenance system. We like the idea of using this USB digital signal conditioner to connect your high-quality, calibrated ICP® sensors to mobile devices. It works seamlessly with existing, easy-to-use smart phone apps or with custom, user-developed apps for mobile devices or single board computers. An intuitive interface that is easy to learn allows a maintenance app to be as effective as possible, helping to overcome implementation obstacles for a machine monitoring system.

Machinery and Equipment MRO provides some tips on building a successful condition monitoring system, including thoughts on data trending and using alerts and alarms effectively. You'll also find details on several methods of condition monitoring, including vibration analysis. Whether measuring with a digital USB accelerometer, 4-20 mA vibration transmitter, or industrial accelerometer, monitoring vibration is one of the most effective ways of gauging machine health.
Sneak Peak: Faster Prox Probe Testing Coming Soon!

Portable Vibration Calibrators and Shakers from The Modal Shop drastically simplify the calibration and troubleshooting of proximity probes. Coming this summer, we make it even easier with the Proximity Probe Adaptor Stinger Holder Model 9100-PPASH. Test proximity probes without the need to remove them from the sleeve or stinger. Interested? Contact us to learn more!


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