Issue 105
Simplify On-Site Vibration Sensor Validation

Are you spending too much time dialing in amplitudes and frequencies when testing vibration sensors with your old shaker? You may be spending more time than you should be on sensor validation. On-site testing of all kinds of vibration sensors, including accelerometers, velomitors, proximity probe, charge mode sensors, and 4-20 mA vibration transmitters, can be a simple matter thanks to the semi-automated testing provided by The Modal Shop's 9100D Portable Shaker Table with CALROUTE.

Check out this video to see how you can streamline your sensor validation process.
Industrial Vibration World News


If you turn the clock back five or ten years, you would never see a story about utilizing vibration measurements to detect when train doors are going to fail, courtesy Kate Sweeny of Business Weekly in the UK. Do we need to predict when the train door is going to fail? Can we no longer just wait for the door to fail and then take action? In our opinion, this new application speaks to the reduced cost of vibration measurement and data acquisition. Consider this, vibration measurements can now be made by one's mobile phone. High quality sensors, like these embeddable "pellet" style sensors from PCB, are inexpensive and have flexible powering options with minimal current draw. 

Over the past six years we have discovered that one of the popular reasons for purchasing or renting the portable vibration calibrator cited by I&C or Maintenance Technicians is 'to prove to production that the vibration monitoring system is working properly.' So this " Reliability Approach to Asset Uptime" article written by Jill Jusko in Industry Week really caught our eye. Ms. Jusko interviews decision makers from Cargill, General Motors, and Intertape regarding their success with increasing uptime. Rather than citing technology, these companies are enjoying success with a people-first approach. They are right. When Maintenance, Reliability, I&C, and Production are all on the same page, believing in their data and instrumentation, safety and uptime will trend in the right direction.  

Tip of the Quarter

Harnessing the Power of Telemetry for Synchronous Motor Monitoring

Large motors and generators with brushless exciters are susceptible to damage from ground faults, caused by insulation degradation on the field windings. An AT-8000 EFREM (Earth Fault Resistance Monitor) from Accumetrics, our sister company, provides a robust and reliable, continuous, and wireless method of tracking machine health and detecting these ground faults. This telemetry system offers the ability to monitor trends over time and allows for predictive maintenance of a machine. Learn more about utilizing telemetry in the Energy and Power Generation sector here .

Question of the Quarter

Would you like to see technical content on how to loop check or calibrate Bently Nevada TrendMaster® vibration sensors? (Bently Nevada is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Electric Company.)

Michael R. Scott
Category II Vibration Analyst
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