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Adjusting Analyzer Input Settings to Match Transducer Output

No matter how sophisticated the portable vibration analyzer, each is reliant upon a piezoelectric accelerometer. The same way tires are the only aspect of an automobile design that actually touches the road, the accelerometer is the only component in route-based vibration monitoring that touches the machinery. The accelerometer is also the only mechanical part of the measurement chain. The piezoelectric crystal inside is subject to dings, drops, slams, shock and sometimes temperature variations. Hundreds, if not thousands of vibration data points rely upon the consistent output of the accelerometer.

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  • Michael Gurney of Concept Systems notes the return on investment for PdM strategies in Automation World. But we think this digital accelerometer and a simple phone app might help companies evaluate vibration as a potential solution without the high start-up costs.  
  • Speaking of "minimal investment," Jacob Haugen of Portland Engineering writes how a SCADA system can measure critical motor parameters that will alert personnel to required maintenance. Vibration-wise, 4-20 mA loop vibration sensors are plug and play with SCADA systems, making it easy for companies to start trending vibration.
  • Key Performance Indicators are showing sharp improvement at a refinery that implemented predictive maintenance solutions from Emerson Process Management per Grant Gerke of Automation World. The CSI 2130 Machinery Health Analyzer was used for vibration, a product that is easy to "tune" to the precise accelerometer sensitivity.
  • What causes new PdM programs to fail? Sheila Kennedy discussed the topic with a wide array of sources in Plant Services and puts the pieces back together in part one of a very informative article.
  • In Power Magazine Keith Collins from MD & A makes a compelling case for high-speed turbine balancing.
Did You Know?

The USB connection atop the Model 9100D Portable Shaker Table can actually do something...besides charge your phone.

The Modal Shop's Model 9100-PS02 is a 24 VDC power supply that draws its power from the USB connection on top of our Portable Vibration Calibrators. This power supply is used for various sensors including 4-20 mA current loop vibration transmitters. Technicians can use our Calibration Workbook in conjunction with the power supply, shaker and simple volt meter to create a 4-20 mA loop vibration transmitter calibration report.
Contact us  for more information including the workbook itself and step-by-step instructions.

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