Issue 128
This month marks two years of engineering effort Cincinnati has spent to preserve one of our landmarks,   Cincinnati Union Terminal. The Terminal, built in 1933 in the   Art Deco  style, served as our railroad hub before becoming a museum devoted to both Natural History and the City of Cincinnati.  It is still the largest half domed structure in the Western Hemisphere.  During the process of restoration, the Union Terminal Crew has chronicled the progress via   monthly videos.  
We hope you enjoy a short video from The Modal Shop this month - covering the effects of mounting on high frequency measurements!

4 Sensor Mounting Methods and High Frequency Response

Have you ever wondered what effect mounting methods have on measurements at high frequencies? The Modal Shop Team has made a short video calibrating the same accelerometer in four different configurations:  stud (or screw) mount, magnetic mount, wax mount, and grease mount. Which performs best?

Watch the full video
Tech Tip
  What are TEDS Sensors?

What are TEDS sensors? How do they work? When are they needed? This TEDS article explains in plain simple terms what TEDS technology is all about and how it applies to ICP┬« (IEPE) accelerometers.
Blast from the Past:
How Does Shaker Design Affect Transverse Motion?

There are two basic designs of calibration shakers: flexure-based shakers and air-bearing shakers. The names reflect the way in which the vibrating element is suspended. This difference in design also directly affects the transverse (commonly, the horizontal) motion of the vibrating element. In flexure shakers, the motion of the vibrating element is modeled very well by a classic second order system. In this model, the vibrating element acts as the mass and the flexure suspension acts as the spring. The suspension acts not only in the axial direction but also in the transverse direction... 
Thanks for joining us for another issue of Dynamic Sensors & Calibration Tips.
As always, please speak up and let us know what you like. We appreciate all feedback: positive, critical, or otherwise. Take care!

Aaron Goosman -  Lilian Golan  - Jesse Coy
Julie Dwyer - Mike Dillon -  Patrick Timmons -  Shannon Henize 

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