Issue #113, March 2017
Welcome to the March issue of Dynamic Sensors & Calibration Tips. Whether you are interested in learning more about the specifics of dynamic force sensors or are ready to brush up on your knowledge of shock and vibration calibration, we invite you to read on for more information. Thank you for joining us this month!
Guide to Dynamic Force Sensors  
By PCB Piezotronics

Measurements of dynamic oscillating forces, impact or high speed compression/tension under varying conditions may require sensors with special capabilities. Fast response, ruggedness, high stiffness, extended range and the ability to also measure quasi-static forces are standard features associated with some quartz force sensors. The following information presents design and operating characteristics of quartz force sensors to help you better understand how they function, helping you to make better dynamic measurements...

Tip of the Month
Exciters are critical test pieces to any forced response measurement system from modal analysis to calibration. Ensure that you understand and have adequate stroke and force level from your exciter/amplifier pairing.  Stroke is especially important to generate adequate acceleration at low frequencies .

Blast from the Past:
Shock and Vibration Calibration of Accelerometers
By Marco Peres and Robert Sill

Accelerometers are sensors that can sense mechanical motion of the attached structure and convert it into an electrical quantity that may be conveniently measured or recorded.
Shock accelerometers are specifically designed to withstand and measure extreme, high-amplitude, short-duration accelerations often associated with transients. Such accelerations characteristically exceed the range limit found on other typical vibration accelerometer designs. 
Thanks for joining us for another issue of Dynamic Sensors & Calibration Tips. As always, please speak up and let us know what you like. We appreciate all feedback: positive, critical or otherwise. Take care!

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