Issue #109, November 2016
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Evaluation of Accelerometers for Pyroshock Performance in a Harsh Field Environment
By PCB Piezotronics

If data quality is poor when measuring mechanical shock, it is common to blame the accelerometer. However, there are other contributors to this lack of success that need to be considered. These include: poor mounting surface for the accelerometer, improper accelerometer coupling, large transverse acceleration inputs, cable, improper signal conditioning and data acquisition, extraneous environmental inputs coupling into the measurement system, and many more. In addition, at times the environment that is attempted to be measured may be just too harsh for the accelerometer to operate in reliably...

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Tip of the Month

Validate the performance and traceability of all calibration equipment used for measurements with appropriate recalibration intervals, established and maintained based upon manufacturers' recommendations and historical trend data showing the stability of the reference.

Blast from the Past:
Accelerometer Calibration Simplified

Recently, I read an article titled "Motion Sensors De-Mystified" which talks about the basics of MEMS accelerometers and rate sensors. The topic of simplification got me thinking about the perceived complexities of accelerometer calibration, along with the mystery that goes with sending off your hardworking accelerometer to the "cal lab" for its "annual checkup." This month we'll cover a quick Q&A for the top 5 calibration questions  we hear from customers... 
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