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Laser Primary Calibration
Laser Primary Calibration
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Laser Primary Calibration Service

Laser Primary Accelerometer Calibration at The Modal Shop is on par with the uncertanties of the foremost national metrology laboratories.  The Modal Shop's implementation of novel multipass homodyne laser interferometry fulfills the requirements of ISO 16063-11 Method III, thereby providing very low uncertainties and both magnitude and phase response.  (Phase response is unavailable from providers implementing ISO 16063-11 Method I or II.)

MCS-A065 Laser Primary Calibration: 

  • Accredited A2LA, in-scope accelerometer calibration service (Certificate 2649.01)
  • Lowest uncertainty accelerometer calibration method suitable for transfer standard accelerometers
  • Magnitude and phase response for frequency range from 5 Hz to sensor under test (SUT) maximum frequency up to 20 kHz
  • Standard frequency points or user defined set (up to 45 points)
  • Visual inspection of SUT mounting surface

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