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Hopkinson Bar for High g Shock Accelerometer Calibration
Hopkinson Bar for High g Shock Accelerometer Calibration
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High g Accelerometer Calibration

Hopkinson Bar

The Model K9560D Hopkinson Bar for High g Calibration is a fully automated, turnkey system for calibrating and verifying high g range shock accelerometers. With acceleration levels from 1,000 to 100,000 g, the Model K9560D utilizes the Hopkinson Pressure Bar for the generation and acquisition of referenced shock inputs. Developed from standard daily use within PCB Piezotronics' Dynamic Sensing Technology Center, the system is accurate and easy to program.

The K9560D uses a triggered lifting pin, air inputs and selectable projectiles to generate impact induced compression waves. This action imparts a high-amplitude acceleration to the test accelerometer while two reference strain gauges measure the propagation of the compression wave. Data collection is automated: software both processes and analyzes the reference and test measurement signals, verifying accelerometer performance characteristics such as sensitivity, frequency response, zero shift, linearity, and survivability.

  • High amplitude sensitivity calibration, up to 100,000 g
  • Verifies the useable frequency range of the sensor
  • Ensures sensors tested will behave in a predictable and linear fashion
  • Long lasting durable and reusable impact projectiles
  • Easy to use software automates data acquisition and analysis
  • Turnkey system requires no additional components to operate


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